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Terms and Conditions


  • These conditions apply to all images of and all assignments performed by Chaysfotografie. When requesting a report or other assignment, you automatically (tacitly) agree to these conditions.


  • When booking a photo report or ordering products you automatically agree to these conditions. If you object to these conditions, you must indicate this in writing prior to the service or product.


  • These general terms and conditions can be amended by the photographer at any time.


  • Chaysfotografie can under no circumstances be held liable for physical damage to humans or animals or material damage incurred during the photo report.



  • The photographer is free to make the selection of the photos herself after a photo report. You cannot rely on the photos that, according to the photographer, have not passed the selection.


  • The delivery times of the photos / products are agreed in contracts.


  • Requesting a quote is completely non-binding. However, when a date has been chosen for the photo report, the photo report is booked.


  • A photo report can be booked via the contact form, email or via the social media channels


  • You can cancel a photo shoot free of charge up to 72 hours before the photo shoot. Cancellation after that, a percentage of 50% will be charged.


  • Cancellation on the day itself will be charged a percentage of 50%.


  • All rates quoted are exclusive of travel costs, unless stated otherwise.


  • Unfortunately, in some weather conditions, a photo shoot cannot take place outside, in order to guarantee the quality of the photography and to protect the photography equipment. In the event of rain, hail or snow, thunderstorms or storms, the photo shoot cannot take place outside. The photographer and client can, in consultation, move the photo report to another date without extra costs being charged. The decision of the photographer is decisive in this.


  • Due to the personal nature of each assignment, a refund of money and/or reimbursement of the costs incurred by the client is in no way possible.



  • The payment term is 7 days, unless otherwise agreed.  


  • As long as an assignment has not yet been paid, the photographer reserves the right not to publish or share the results of the assignment in question with the client. Until payment has been received by the photographer, the client has no right to publish or use the images made in any way whatsoever.


  • Your report and your photos are personally made for you. Money back is not possible under any circumstances.



Complaints & liability

  • Complaints must be reported in writing as soon as possible (within 10 days at the latest). The photographer has the right to still provide good work for rejected work.


  • It is under no circumstances possible to claim money back. In the event of dissatisfaction, a new appointment may be made. This is only possible within 5 days of receipt of the photos and if the photographer herself is not satisfied either.

  • You are responsible and liable for yourself and your belongings during the photo shoot. Damage to yourself, your property and to others can in no way be recovered from the photographer in the broadest sense of the word.


  • It is under no circumstances possible to impose (damage) claims on the photographer.


  • Participation in a photo report is entirely at your own risk.



Copyright & Publication

  • Copyright (and other rights attributed to the photographer by Dutch law) of all reports always remain in the possession of Chaysfotografie. All photos and written texts taken by Chayenne van Zetten are subject to copyright.


  • It is not allowed to multiply or publish photos without the prior written permission of Chaysfotografie.


  • Digital files are also copyrighted and therefore only for your own use and not for publication. If you want to use or publish a photo, you must always request prior written permission from the photographer.


  • All photos supplied are always copyrighted by the photographer. You are purchasing a photo print or a digital photo, not the rights to the photo.


  • Any use other than on personal social media profiles or forums is only permitted with the prior written permission of the photographer. The photographer charges different rates for commercial, editorial or promotional use than for private use.


  • The photographer may use the photos, at any time in his or her own discretion, for non-commercial and commercial purposes.

     The photographer is not obliged to mention this to the owner.


  • It is legally prohibited to publish, adapt, reproduce, copy or use the photos in any other way than described here in the general terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed in advance and laid down in writing. This also includes, but is not limited to, post-processing, painting or adjustment of the photo in any way.


  • Any assigned right of publication is personal and non-transferable. For example, if you sell your horse, the new owner does not have an obvious right to the photos. The new owner will also have to pay for digital files and publications. Giving photos to third parties or other parties in any way whatsoever is therefore not permitted.


  • As the copyright holder, Chayenne van Zetten has the right to use, sell to third parties, reproduce and publish the photos taken during a booking at any time for both non-commercial and commercial purposes.

     The photographer is not obliged to report this, but in this case will always do its best to inform you of publication by e-mail.


  • Any use of the images made by the photographer other than as described in the general terms and conditions or previously agreed in writing is considered an infringement of copyright. In the event of copyright infringement, the photographer will be reimbursed at least twice the usual fee for the form of use or publication concerned, with a minimum of €100.


  • With any form of publication it should be clear that Chaysfotografie is the creator of the image. This is by means of the easily legible watermark in the photo.


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