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By booking a photo shoot at Chaysfotografie you automatically agree to the terms and conditions  

A little explanation of how I will work.

Depending on the package you have chosen, we start with the portrait photos.

For portrait photos I am (if desired) in possession of a photo halter, this is a fine rope halter that is easy to hide in the photo.

The horse is not yet sweaty from the action or riding photos. After the portrait photos, we take action and/or driving photos if desired. The horse does not have to run completely loose for the action photos. These are made with a bridle, halter or rope halter on a lunge line. 

The rope halter and the lunge line are removed during the editing of the photos, I do not do this with a bridle or a normal halter.



Depending on the package you have chosen, we start with the portrait photos.

The animal is not yet warm from the action photos.

After the portrait photos we take action photos (if desired).

The animal does not have to walk or run for this. The rope can be concealed afterwards in the processing, for this I possibly have a thin rope that is extra easy to work away.  



Depending on the chosen package, we start with portrait photos of your car, because the car is not too dirty yet.

After this we will make rolling shots/action photos if desired.

Please note: I do need an extra driver for this, so this must be arranged well in advance.

Before the photo shoot
It's great that you want to book a photo shoot with me!

We will now discuss the options. We choose a location and agree on a date.

This date is subject to change due to the weather. The location can be at your home or stable, but also in a nature reserve, park, heathland, city, etc. 

You will also receive a number of tips so that you can best prepare yourself and your animal for the photo shoot. 

After the photo shoot you have to transfer the amount of the shoot or pay in cash.

If you want an invoice for the photo shoot, this is possible if desired.
After the photo shoot
After the photo shoot you will receive a link to a personal photo gallery within +- 2 weeks.

The photos in this gallery have been very lightly edited and watermarked. You can choose a number of photos from these photos (see the packages for the number of photos). Do you want additional photos? That is of course no problem, you can order this extra. After the photos have been carefully edited, you will receive the photos via email via a WeTransfer link.

Extra information

Chaysfotografie can never be held liable for physical or material damage caused by falling, slipping, etc. during a photo session.

If I think that the shoot can no longer take place safely for whatever reason, I can stop the photo shoot at any time.

In case of bad weather, we will look for a new date together.

All photos you receive from me may NOT be edited. 
The high-resolution photos without a logo are suitable for printing, these photos may NOT be used for social media.

Information for portfolio photo shoot

The following information is useful to know if you have a portfolio photo shoot.


  • For a portfolio photo shoot, I only ask for a travel allowance of 0.20 cents per km.

  • After the photo shoot you will receive a link with a personal gallery with light to no edited photo with a watermark. These photos may not be used and edited by you or anyone else.

You can choose 3 photos for free from this gallery, which you will receive with and without a logo.

Only the photos with a logo are for social media and the photos without a logo for private use such as printing, background on phone / PC or the like.

If you would like to order more photos, this is of course always possible!

  • With a portfolio shoot I have permission to put the photos online, if you do not want a license plate, yourself or the like in the photo, please indicate this clearly in advance. I will ask this again at the end of the photo shoot.


  • With a portfolio photo shoot you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions.


  • Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask them via email or social media and I will answer these questions

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